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How to Enable / Disable Notifications and Contact Preferences
How to Enable / Disable Notifications and Contact Preferences

How to set up automatic notification settings via text message, email and in-app for a lost Buy Box and changes in sales velocity.

Written by Jeffrey Asay
Updated over a week ago

HelloProfit alerts you of important real-time events about the products you sell on Amazon. Getting started with notifications is easy. This article will describe how to turn on notifications, customize them to suit your needs and select your most convenient contact preferences.

There are two ways to access your notification settings:

  1. Main Menu > Settings > User Configuration (shown below)

  2. Clicking on the merchant name dropdown in upper right > My Profile > Notification Settings tab

Step 1
: Click the settings option from the side menu.

โ€‹Step 2: Select "Settings Configuration" under the "Notification Settings" section.

Step 3: Select the checkboxes next to the notifications you would like to receive, then click the "Save" button.

Step 4: Select how you would like to be notified. Check the box next to the contact method for each notification type.ย 

Where to find in-app notifications in HelloProfit

As you can see from the screenshot above, a little red icon displaying the number of notifications will appear instantly on the Account Menu in the upper right-hand corner.

One Last Step for Sales Velocity Notifications

If you've activated lost Buy Box notifications, then you're good to go. No further action is needed.

But for sales velocity notifications, you still won't get alerts without configuring your products for each notification option. For additional information on notification product configuration you will need to refer to the help articles or the video below.

How to Disable Automatic Notifications

If you've enabled a notification previously but later decide you no longer wish to receive that notification, simply uncheck the appropriate boxes to disable those event notifications.

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