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VIDEO: How to Set Sales Notifications
VIDEO: How to Set Sales Notifications

Add/delete products for maximum & minimum sales velocity notifications, and adjust how you receive notifications (per SMS, email or in-app).

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This 4-minute video shows you how to set sales velocity notifications, where to change your contact preferences and more!

Video Highlights:

0:06 - Activate notifications
0:19 -- Set nofication preference (via email, etc.)
1:20 -- Add products for max daily sales velocity notifications

          Note: All products are monitored for a lost Buy Box; for min/max sales velocity
          notifications, however, please add the specific products you'd like to have
          monitored and be notified about.

2:28 - Add products for hourly sales velocity notification
2:38 - Add products for minimum sales velocity notification
4:05 - Remove / delete products from sales notifications

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