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HelloProfit's Compliance with European General Data Privacy Regulations (EU GDPR)
HelloProfit's Compliance with European General Data Privacy Regulations (EU GDPR)

What is a data processor, and data controller? Do I comply with these regulations as a HelloProfit user and Amazon seller?

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Key terms used here and in the GDPR are defined in our Privacy Policy as well as in Article 4 of the GDPR in full.

What is the EU GDPR?

It's a set of regulations protecting personal data of European citizens and residents. Personal data includes, for example:

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Sexual orientation

  • Religion

  • Race

  • Photos of oneself

The regulation took effect May 25th, 2018. It applies to anyone processing and/or collecting personal data of Europeans, even if that company/institution/government is not located within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Is HelloProfit a Data Processor or Data Controller?

The short answer: both.

HelloProfit acts as a Data Controller regarding your personal data; that is, we gather your name and contact information which is necessary to maintain your subscription. Without this information, you cannot have a HelloProfit account, as outlined in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, as stated in our Privacy Policy and in accordance with GDPR, we have agreements between ourselves and third parties that we use (such as MailChimp) for processing your personal data. These agreements set out behavior and practices that are in accordance with GDPR and US privacy laws.

HelloProfit acts as a Data Processor as well in regards to how and what kinds of marketing we use: for example, in creating custom Facebook audiences.

HelloProfit could also be considered a Data Processor for your Amazon customers' personal data, because it aids in processing specific pieces of personal data, namely:

  • Their name

  • Their phone number*

*Only if the product is Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM)

These two pieces of customer data are necessary for the commercial transaction taking place on Amazon, so fall under the scope of Business Data or data relating to legal persons, not natural persons. 

We nevertheless ensure that data relating to natural persons continue to be handled with care by HelloProfit within strict adherence to the GDPR and, before it took effect on May 25th, 2018, to our own Privacy Policy and ethical standards of business practice.

Who is HelloProfit's Data Protection Officer?

Under the GDPR HelloProfit does not need to appoint a Data Protection Officer, someone who works independantly to ensure compliance with regulations. (Reference: GDPR Article 37 (1) a - c

We must, however, and do continue to comply with regulations. Please contact us via email (support[at] and/or support chat with any questions and/or requests.

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