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What Are "Other Transactions" in the Profit Calculation on the Dashboards?
What Are "Other Transactions" in the Profit Calculation on the Dashboards?

HelloProfit keeps a close tally on all transactions that affect your profit. Learn what these transactions are & how to dig deeper.

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HelloProfit hunts down every Dollar and every Dime, to show you the most accurate numbers of your profitability, expenses and fees.

In order to be as accurate as possible, we need to account for things like cancellations, returns, removals and more. Following Amazon's groupings, we categorize various credits and expenses in the Est. Profit breakdowns bubbles as shown below. Each expandable category is led with a small black triangle, which you can toggle to reveal subitems:

Other Transactions is one such category. Toggling it's dropdown arrow reveals all the items Amazon has provided which together bear Amazon's "Other Transactions" designation:

The truth is, Amazon has scores of "Other" transactional line items (see sprawling lists at end of this article), so we only include items relevant to your account for the date range and parameters chosen on your Merchant or Product Dashboard report.

Also, after each of your Settlement Report has processed, you can also see all your Other Transactions in that date range's corresponding Payout Report, where all line items that pertain to your payout report are neatly aggregated by ASIN for you. 

When Do These "Other" Transactions Appear?

These types of transactions don't occur on a daily basis like sales and refunds. Amazon includes / accounts for them in your payout, that is, every two weeks. Therefore, you may see very little in this field, unless you're performing a historical search that includes a range for which HelloProfit has previously pulled and processed a bi-weekly settlement report. 

Full List of "Other Transactions" Line Items Accounted for on Dashboards

"Other" Sources of Incoming Cash Flow Categorized As Income

Other Income - Amazon Lending
Other Income - Chargeback Recovery
Other Income - Check Receipts
Other Income - Current Reserve Amount
Beginning Balance - Previous Reserve Amount Balance
Other Income - Disbursement Correction
Gross Sales - Order Retrocharge

"Other" Fees

Fees - Shipping Commission
Fees - Inventory Placement Service
Fees - Disposal Complete
Fees - Subscription Fee
Fees - FBA Inbound Fee
Fees - Warehouse Prep
Fees - Removal Complete
Fees - FBA Fees - Storage Fee
Fees - Seller Repayment
Reimbursements - Balance Adjustment
Fees - Sales Tax Service Fee
Fees - Giftwrap Commission
Fees - Barcode label missing
Fees - Storage Renewal Billing
Fees - Return Order Fee
Fees - Return Unit Fee
Fees - Return Weight Based Fee
Fees - Shipping Services
Fees - Subscription Fee Correction
Fees - FBA Inbound Defect Bubble Fee
Beginning Balance - Transfer Unsuccessful
Fees - MCF Brand Neutral Box Fee
Other Income - Adjustment
Fees - Non Subscription Fee Adjustment
Fees - FBA Inbound Defect Bagging Fee
Fees - Shipping Services Refund
Fees - Fixed Closing Fee
Fees - FBA Inbound Defect Label Fee
Beginning Balance - Failed Disbursement
Fees - Storge Billing Fee
Other Income - Misc Adjustment
Fees - Transaction Fee
Other Income - Revenue Correction
Fees - Commission Correction
Beginning Balance - Manual Disbursement
Fees - FBA Inbound Defect Tapping Fee
Fees - Inbound Fee
Fees - Non Order Fee
Fees - Premium Placement Service Fee
Fees - Advertising Fees
Fees - FBA Inbound Defect Suffocation Sticker Fee
Fees - Cross-Border Fulfillment Fee
Fees - Professional Service Fee
Fees - Refund for Advertiser
Fees - Service Fee
Fees - Promotions & Merchandising Fee
Gross Sales - Non-Amazon
Fees - Manual Processing Fee
Fees - Lightning Deal Fee
Reimbursements - Manual Processing Fee
Fees - Authorization Fee
Fees - Seller Review Enrollment
FBA Liquidations - FBA Liquidations
FBA Liquidations - Proceeds
FBA Liquidations - Fee
Fees - Coupon Redemption
Fees - FBA Inbound Carton Level Info Charge
Fees - FBA Localization Fee
Fees - High Volume Listing
Fees - Jump Start Your Webstore Fee
Fees - MDotCom Fees Correction

"Other" Miscellaneous

Beginning Balance - Unsuccessful Charges - Payable to Amazon
Beginning Balance - Restore Settlement Balance
Beginning Balance - Failed Charge

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