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Have you ever wanted to see a breakdown of sales statistics by country, state or even city? Well now you can with the new and improved Customer Insights Dashboard and drill down map. It’s as easy as point and click!

When you first visit this page, your search is defaulted to the previous 7 days. This filter will display a map of the world, and you will easily be able to see where your products are being delivered across the globe. On this map you will see different countries shaded by orange, the more sales you have in one country, the darker the orange color will be. Additionally, you may hover over a country on the map to see how many recipients you have based on the filters you’ve chosen.

Clicking on a location (country in the above instance) in the map will allow you to drill down so you can further refine the data on a more granular geographic level.

Keep clicking to dive deeper into the data on the map!

Below the map is a breakdown, of sales statistics by location. If your map is a view of the world (by default) then the statistics breakdown will be shown by country. The location with the most amount of recipients will be at the top by default. These statistics have a lot of data, and you may need to scroll right and left to be able to view it all.

Additionally, you may have noticed, each time you clicked on the map above, these stats also changed relative to the map you're now viewing.  If you clicked on the United States, from the world map, then you will now see the following:

It doesn't stop there! Keep clicking on the map and eventually you will get a breakdown by city on the stats table.

It's just that easy! Now you can get a really great, and in depth view, of where your customers are located.

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