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Customers, aren't they amazing?  We think so, and we believe you do too.  This is why we've created a whole new way to understand who your customers are, and where they live. You can access all this information, and more, from our new and improved Customer Insights Dashboard!

One critical piece to our new dashboard is the Customer List.  We know you loved this list when it was all alone so we couldn't resist making it a primary section on our new Customer Insights Dashboard.

Customer List:

We've kept all the same information that you know and love, and while we were at it, we added a couple more as well: (if you can't see all the columns, just scroll to the right)

  • Merchant Name (especially useful if you have more then one Merchant Account)
  • Customer Name
  • Recipient
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Amazon Encrypted Email
  • Products
  • Total Spent
  • Discounts
  • Refunds
  • Refunded Sales

Drill Down Detail:

You can also easily view all the orders from a specific Customer by clicking on the Action Button on the far left side of any Customer's row, then View Customer Details. Next click the ORDERS tab on the top right, and that customer's Orders will populate. You may be surprised what you find.

Search Filters:

We have improved how you can filter and find the data you're looking for, but don't worry we still have all the same search options that you need to get the data you really want.  You can now find the search front and center at the top of the dashboard.  All the sections on this page, including the Customer List, will use the same search filters. If you don't see the search option you're looking for, then be sure to click the Advanced Search option on the upper right.

You may search by one or more criteria. Once you have selected your filtering criteria, click the green Filter button to view your refined results.


When viewing your refined results, you can also Export your data by clicking Actions > Export These Customers:

Then return to Main Menu > Reports > Download Exports. When your data is ready for download, click the green "Download" button and your data report will export as a .csv file to view in Excel or similar programs.

Learn more about how to export your data from around HelloProfit here: VIDEO: How To Export and Download HelloProfit Data

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