Your MWS Auth Token is the key that allows HelloProfit to pull raw order data from your Amazon account, so we can display it on your beautiful HelloProfit dashboards and reports.

If your MWS Auth Token has expired you will need to renew it in order for your HelloProfit account to work properly again.

Obtaining and/or renewing your MWS Auth Token only takes a couple of steps.

First, log into your Seller Central account "Manage your apps" page, which you can navigate directly to here:

On your Manage your apps page, locate the HelloProfit App in the Authorized Developer list.

You can view your MWS Auth Token by clicking the View button:

If you need to renew an Expired MWS Auth Token, simply click the Renew button located at the right side of the green boxed area above, then return to your Merchant Dashboard (for the affected merchant account, if you have more than one), and click the "click here" link on step 2 to begin retrieving your Amazon data again:

Data should begin to flow back into your account over the next hour for most merchants, but larger accounts may take considerably longer to get back up to speed.

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