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Full Price Sales vs. Promotional Sales

If you've not done so already, to benefit from this powerful feature you must authorize Amazon's advertising data to be pulled automatically:

Or, copy and paste this into your browser:

Follow the instructions on that page to 'Login with Amazon', and this new data will begin pulling into your HelloProfit account automatically.

Where Can I See My Sales Made Via PPC?

In two convenient places: The Merchant Dashboard and Product Dashboard.

1A. Merchant Dashboard (Top)

Orders have been split up by organic and PPC right in the main overview of your Merchant Dashboard. Those numbers have been marked in red in the screenshot below:

1B. Merchant Dashboard (Bottom)

If you scroll down on the Merchant Dashboard, you'll see some critical metrics for each product on the individual Product Tiles. Here, you can also see your orders made organically (ORG) or via PPC:

2. Product Dashboard

Orders made organically and via PPC can be seen on the drill-down Product Dashboards, too, as well as refunds and cancelled orders and other helpful metrics.

How Accurate Are the PPC Sales Numbers?

The information we aggregate and store for you is only as accurate as the information we get from Amazon itself via the API. Keeping these points in mind: 

  1. Amazon provides NO PPC spend for current date via the API, so today's date will render 0 PPC sales until the following days.

  2. Yesterday's sales from PPC might not be accurate yet either, simply because the sales are still being accredited to PPC clicks throughout the duration of Amazon's current cookie policies. Ex: Amazon can credit a PPC sale to a click up to seven days later...which will certainly affect the number of sales reported via PPC at that time. 

We only ask that you have some patience with recent data (from the day or two before), but other PPC sale numbers from earlier date ranges will be accurate.

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