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How To: View Keyword Data and Analyze Keyword Ranking
How To: View Keyword Data and Analyze Keyword Ranking
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Keyword List:

The Keywords List menu option (Main Menu > Products > Keyword List) is primarily just to give a high-level overview of what keywords you have added to your products by account. That page will also allow you to activate/deactivate keywords.

View Keyword Data and Analysis:

To track how those keywords perform, you will want to view your product dashboard. The product dashboard is where you will be able to see how your keywords are ranking by product. You will need to specify which product and merchant account.

Start by selecting one of your more popular products using the product drop down (as seen below), for example, select the ASIN that you would like to view, and then click 'Filter'.

Figure 1: Product Dashboard/ Product Selection

You will be able to scroll down the page to see a view of how each keyword is performing in regards to rank, search results, page, position, and change in ranking. However please be aware that this will only work if the keyword ranking for that product is popular enough to reach the 50th rank. I see you have added at least one keyword for each of your products. If you have any additional keywords on your products I would recommend you add them for the top sellers.

Figure 2: Product Search Rank By Keyword

You can use the different drop-downs to filter by merchant account and product. But also make sure to 'Filter' your results to refresh the page with the current criteria selected


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