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How To Add/Remove Keywords
How To Add/Remove Keywords
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To Add Keywords by Product:

Go to the Main Menu > Product > Product Dashboard. Add Keywords to track by product by selecting Product within your Product Dashboard.

Start by clicking Product Options > Manage Keywords.

Once you have clicked on Product Options > Manage Keywords. Then click Add Keywords. You will be able to enter up to 30 keywords for each product. After you are done entering your keywords, click Save to track those keywords. IMPORTANT: Ensure you only enter one keyword per line.

To View Keyword Ranking by Product:

Click on the "Menu" / "Product" / "Product Dashboard" and choose the product you want to view to keyword graph for. In the screenshot below you can see an example of the Search Rank By Keyword Table. The "Search Rank By Keyword" graph has the keywords you entered into the system.

When you are looking at the SEARCH RANK BY KEYWORD GRAPH there are different color lines to represent the various keyword names you entered into the system. Hover your pointer over the dots and it will give you a time frame of how your keywords ranked. You have to hold your pointer over the dot that represents the color of the keyword to see the ranking.

To Remove/Deactivate Keywords:

Note that you cannot delete keywords once they are entered into the system, but deactivating them accomplishes the same. If you no longer wish to track certain keywords or have already inputted your limit of 30 and wish to make space for new keywords, simply deactivate some older keywords. You will then be able to input the same number of new keywords in the system to be tracked. To disable existing keywords, simply uncheck the Active box for the existing keyword(s) and then enter your new keyword(s) using the directions above.

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