Welcome to HelloProfit! How do I get started?

Step 1: Integrate HelloProfit with Amazon Seller Central using MWS

Linking HelloProfit to your Seller Central account will allow HelloProfit to communicate with Amazon to bring in your account data. Click here to get started! Once you have authorized MWS, you may need to wait up to 2 hours before seeing your data start to populate in the HelloProfit toolset.

Step 2: Integrate HelloProfit with Sponsored Products Advertising Data

If you run Sponsored Products ads (also called 'PPC'), then you'll have to authorize HelloProfit to pull your PPC data via this dedicated API. This allows you to see your sales that you make organically vs. through your sponsored ads. Get this step started here.

Step 3: Full Product Setup (Costs & Keywords)

Once your data has imported, you will see your products in your Product Fees List. To fully set up your products, you need to enter in more information for each product:

  • Cost of goods (per unit)

  • Cost of inbound shipping (per unit)

  • Up to 30 keywords to track for each SKU

After entering these additional costs which aren't in Seller Central, HelloProfit will be able to calculate your total profit, ROI, profit margin percentages, and much more.

HelloProfit's profit engine is smart enough to know all related FBA expenses and fees, so you'll get a handle on your true profit numbers in a snap! Watch the tutorial video on this step by clicking the button below:

Step 4: Track Your Keywords

HelloProfit allows you to add keywords to each of your product ASINs to track your keyword search result rankings & analyze keyword ranking hour by hour. Jump to minute 3:44 in this video to get started with this right away!

To view the Keyword Search Result Rankings, Go to the Product Dashboard and select your ASIN. Then scroll down the page to the Keyword Results portion of the Product Dashboard to view your ASIN's search result keyword rankings in either graph or tabular formats.

With these 4 simple steps, you'll be all set up with HelloProfit to get the best, most accurate data on the planet – allowing you to make the business decisions that will set you apart as an Amazon seller – and increase your profit every day!

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