Can I have separate merchant accounts?
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Can I have a separate Merchant Account?

Yes, you can have separate merchant accounts. Each additional account cost $29 per account billed immediately. You have two options available to you.

In order the keep the accounts separate you will have to click HERE and go through the initial setup process 21 days free trial. Once you have set up the new account, contact support immediately to change the subscription plan to $29/month.  You only have 3 days to honor the $29/month subscription after setting up the account. Please note: If you choose this option you will have separate accounts with HelloProfit and all of the accounts will have to be in your name. You will not be refunded In the event you forget to notify Customer Support about your additional accounts and you are charged the regular subscription fee. 

To add a new account please follow the instructions below:

From the dashboard locate your name in the top right corner, click the dropdown. Select "My Subscription" here, scroll down to the Manage Add Ons section.  Under the Add column use the arrows to select the number of accounts they want to add.  Follow the instructions on the pop up.

When the process is complete, go to the dropdown menu under your name at the top right of the screen and click Setup Merchant Account.

Here you can add the new merchant account.

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