The Main Menu is used for navigating throughout the HelloProfit Toolset.

The Main Menu is opened by clicking on the round icon at the top left of every screen on HelloProfit:

Clicking that button opens the Main Menu for navigation.

A Plus (+) sign on a Menu Item indicates there are dropdown options under that Menu Item when you click on it.

The Main Menu contains the following options:

The Merchant Dashboard is your HelloProfit home-base and is the first screen that loads each time after you log into HelloProfit.

Click on Orders to access:

  • Order List

  • Customer List

  • Removal & Disposals List

Click on Products to access:

  • Product Dashboard

  • Product List

  • Product Stats

  • Keyword List

  • Sponsored Ad Cost

Click on Product Genie to access:

  • Product Searches

Click on Reports to access:

  • Product Searches

  • Payout Reports

Click on Notifications to access all notifications.

Click on Upload Reports to access:

  • Upload Manual Campaign Reports

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