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VIDEO: Merchant Dashboard Overview

*** NEW UPDATE: We've now allowed even more flexibility and control over your inbound shipping costs. Rather than updating them via the Product Dashboard, please visit your Product List to enter shipping costs per unit and per marketplace!

This 5 minute video will help you get your HP account completely ready to deliver all its fantastic numbers. This video covers the following topics:

(0:53) Method A: Only have a few products? Enter Unit Cost and Inbound Shipping Cost on ASINs one at a time.

(2:39) Method B: If you have a lot of products, use this method to update a lot of ASINs quickly in on place.

(3:07) Use Smart Search to refine your Product List results (by Merchant, Parent ASIN, product type, etc).

(3:20) Quick Edit Product Names (that display on your Dashboards).

(3:30) Toggle ASIN visibility on Dashboards.

(3:44) How to add up to 30 Keywords for each ASIN.

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