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VIDEO: Set Up Your Products: Unit Cost & Inbound Shipping Cost, & Keywords

This 5 minute video will familiarize you with the Merchant Dashboard (main screen after login).


0:03 Welcome to your Amazon Selling Home Base

0:29 Main Menu Tour

0:54 Support/Contact Us

1:32: Merchant Account Settings & User Settings

1:54 Merchant Account Selector

2:13 Custom Date Range Selector - Remember to click "FILTER"!

2:54 Gross Sales, Est. PROFIT Revealed for: selected date, 7, 14, & 30 previous days.

3:50 Units Sold/Gross Sales Graph

4:08 Est. Net PROFIT Graph!

4:20 Product & Variation Snapshot Widgets! See Gross, Profit, ROI, & Full Price units sold, Promo units sold.

5:09 Drill-down button in top right corner of each Product Widget on this Merchant Dashboard, takes you to Product Dashboard for that ASIN.

5:33 Quick glimpse of Product Dashboard drill-down. More on this in subsequent videos.

6:15 Remember to set up each Product's Unit Cost and Inbound Shipping Cost, for accurate Profit Numbers to Display (see next video for instruction).

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