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You may notice that the reported numbers of orders/units sold/revenue will vary slightly between HelloProfit and Seller Central. This is absolutely expected, since HelloProfit takes many factors into account that Seller Central ignores/misrepresents. If HelloProfit's numbers simply "mimicked" Seller Central, HelloProfit would not be a very useful tool!


Seller Central Business Reports are not accurate in many ways: revenue reported does not subtract cancellations, and units "sold" include units from removal orders & fulfillment orders for sales on 3rd party platforms. These decisions Amazon has made can grossly inflate your true numbers of sales on Amazon and accordingly, your overall profitability.

On the other hand, HelloProfit DOES account for revenue lost from cancellations, and DOES NOT include removal order units moved as sales, nor does it count 3rd party units moved as sales (the latter are effectively removal orders as well). Note: it is not HelloProfit's purpose to determine your profitability on 3rd party sales, however you can search for & export any type of order, including fulfillment or 3rd party orders, on your Orders List.

So that's the first item: Business Reports on SC are a poor benchmark to use for comparison. This was nearly impossible to know before HelloProfit existed, for lack of other ways to measure.

Because of the above factors, you can expect that the number of orders/units ordered, as well as Revenue will be slightly different yet more accurate on HelloProfit than what Seller Central's Business Reports can give you. As such we do not expect HelloProfit reporting to match Seller Central reporting, but will in fact be more accurate in terms of both number of sales and true profitability.


To check the veracity of HelloProfit's reporting versus Seller Central, we recommend the following:

  • Run the report in your Seller Central account under Reports > Fulfillment > All Orders. Make sure to have Order Date selected then Exact dates and put in whatever exact date range you wish to study.

  • Download that data and open in Excel to view all your orders, then FILTER OUT cancellations, fulfillment orders/3rd party orders (tip: fulfillment/3rd party order numbers begin with S01).

  • Check the resulting numbers against what you see on the HelloProfit Merchant/Product Dashboards for the same timeframe, or against your exported HelloProfit Orders List filtered for the same date range. You should find that the figures HelloProfit provides match the data you mined by manually filtering out the Amazon Orders Report as described above.

As always, feel free to contact for any further assistance.

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