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Where Are FBA Fees Displayed?
Where Are FBA Fees Displayed?
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What are FBA fees?

The Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Fees are displayed in several places around the HelloProfit Toolset:

  • Merchant Dashboard: the Colored Summary Tiles at the top of the Merchant Dashboard each have an info icon ( i ) next to Est. Profit. Click that ( i ) to reveal a general breakdown of numbers, including FBA Fees. Similarly, click the same icon on any of the individual ASIN or Product Tiles at the bottom of the Merchant Dashboard to reveal a similar breakdown of numbers, individualized for each ASIN.

  • Order List: Go to Main Menu > Orders > Order List, then use Smart Search to locate a specific order. Clicking on the Order ID for an order opens its Order Detail Page, which breaks out all your fees including FBA Fees.

  • Product Stats: Go to Main Menu > Product > Product Stats. By default the data displayed today's data. You can also use Smart Search to select any date range you wish. Then scroll to the right to find the FBA Fees column.

  • Product Dashboard: Go to Main Menu > Product > Product Dashboard. Then at the top right hand corner click Product Options > Edit Product. The fixed FBA Fees for that ASIN will be displayed here. These fees are counted against each sale for that ASIN throughout HelloProfit. Additionally, you may click the ( i ) icon to see the cumulative FBA fees for your sales of that particular ASIN in your date range chosen.

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