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If your FBA fees reported on HelloProfit do not align with what you expect or what is found at the FBA Revenue Calculator, please submit a support ticket to with the following information:

  • ASIN(s) in question;

  • correct FBA fees you expect for each ASIN;

  • permission to access your HelloProfit Account for investigation & resolution.


Note: HelloProfit assigns all FBA fees based on the information that Amazon provides us. If the fees HelloProfit displays are incorrect, it is normally due to one of the 3 reasons below. In each of these cases, simply write in to and we will get the issue resolved for you right away.

1) HelloProfit picks up a product that hasn’t started selling yet, so HelloProfit correctly imports that product as inactive. But once the product actually starts selling, please write back in to and we will manually re-run the import process for that product to retrieve any updated dimensions, weight, and then calculate the accurate fees.

2) Amazon either gives us a) incorrect weight, or b) no weight at all.

  • a) If incorrect weight is supplied by Amazon, HelloProfit still bases fees off that weight. If the product weight has been updated, write in to so we may update the fees accordingly.

  • b) If Amazon supplies no weight at all, HelloProfit calculates a dimensional weight based off the length, width, and height of the product. If in this event you find your FBA fees are inaccurate, please write in to and we will either re-run the import process, or manually input the weight or the accurate FBA fees for that particular product.

3) Amazon may or may not classify a product correctly as clothing or media, which adds an additional Pick & Pack fee ($0.40 additional in USA). Sometimes Amazon mistakenly reports items to HelloProfit as if it is apparel (which incurs the additional clothing Pick & Pack fee), in which case you can toggle the “is clothing” option to OFF in your Product List, or our Team is happy to help you toggle this as well, which will eliminate the additional fee.

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