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HelloProfit imports all of your Orders through Amazon's API. Your Orders are located under Main Menu > Orders > Order List.

Then use the the orange Smart Search button to refine your search by scores of criteria:

  • Merchant/Not Merchant Fulfilled or All

  • Refunded/Not Refunded or All

  • Buyer Name

  • Recipient Name

  • Buyer's encrypted Amazon Email

  • Merchant Account

  • Product

  • Promo

  • Order Status

  • Amazon or Seller Order ID

  • Order value amount ranges

  • Order quantity ranges

  • Fulfillment Channel

  • Sales Channel

  • Fulfillment Center

  • Purchase Date Ranges

You may search by one or more criteria. Once you have selected your filtering criteria, click the green Search button to view your refined results.

When viewing your refined results, you can also export your data by clicking Actions > Export These Orders.

Then return to Main Menu > Reports > Download Exports. When your data is ready for download, click the green "Download" button and your data report will export as a .csv file to view in Excel or similar programs.

Learn more about how to export your data from around HelloProfit here: VIDEO: How To Export and Download HelloProfit Data

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