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Why Are The Names of My Products Truncated?
Why Are The Names of My Products Truncated?
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HelloProfit truncates Product Titles in areas of the website where full Titles cannot be displayed. Since Product Names are shown in multiple places around the HelloProfit Toolset, please refer below to the area of the website you are seeing the truncated titles:

Merchant Dashboard:

We've appended the ASIN to the beginning of the Product Name as an identifier. Additionally, you can hover over the truncated Product Name to get the full name of the product.

Drop-Down Menu on Product Dashboard:

You can edit the names of your products on the Product List to assist with identifying them more easily in the drop-down menus.

Product Stats / Product List:

On the Products Stats & Products List we've made the ASIN column available to help identify products. This is helpful when product names are truncated, and their uniquely identifying title attributes occur beyond the truncation point.

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