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Product List: How To Make Products Active or Inactive
Product List: How To Make Products Active or Inactive
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When a Product/ASIN in HelloProfit is in it's default "Active" state, generally this means that ASIN is available for sale on Amazon and will be shown in the appropriate drop-down menus around the HelloProfit website.

Many times Merchants elect to Deactivate live ASINs. Doing so will remove those ASINs from the drop-downs on the Product Dashboard and Smart Searches with the goal of removing clutter and improving workflow. (Note that if an ASIN on HelloProfit is live on Amazon and receives sales, those numbers will still be reflected in your numbers on the Dashboards).

If you are trying to find ASINs that are currently Inactivate for whatever the reason, in order to Reactivate them for ordinary reporting in HelloProfit, simply go to:

  • Main Menu > Products > Product List

  • Click on the orange Smart Search button

  • Click the radio button at the top left to filter for only Inactive products, then click the green Search button at the bottom of the screen.

  • At the resulting refined Product List page there is a column to toggle whether or not each ASIN is viewable on the Merchant Dashboard as a Product Tile, and whether or not it is Active. Use the check box to check both Dashboard and Active statuses. Once this is done you will see those ASINs on your Merchant Dashboard & appropriate drop-down menus.

  • If you wish to Deactivate any Active ASIN, simply UNcheck the Dashboard and Active status checkboxes.

  • If you do not want ASINs to show as Product Tiles on the Merchant Dashboard, but DO want the same ASINs visible in other drop-down menus, you may UNcheck Dashboard but leave Active checked.

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