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VIDEO: Product Options/Setup: Edit Product: Unit Cost, Inbound Shipping Cost, & Keywords
How to Bulk Import Product Costs

*** NOTE: Thanks to new updates, HelloProfit makes it even easier to edit costs across international marketplaces. Simply click on the "Product Fees" tab (as shown in the screenshot below) and edit unit costs by clicking on them individiually.

VIDEO: Quick Inline Edit & Save for Product Unit Cost & Inbound Shipping Cost

This 1 minute video will show you how to edit all of your products conveniently on the same screen.

This video covers the following topics:

(0:25) How to change unit and shipping cost.

(0:42) How to use the smart search feature.

(0:57) How to edit name, media, clothing and remove inactive products from the dashboard.

(1:03) How to remove an ASIN from the dashboard.

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