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There are three reasons for why your unit session by product is showing 0.00%.

  1. You have not collected unit session data for that date yet, using the HelloProfit Chrome Extension (download the Extension here and use it to collect your unit session data as described here). If there is no data available for the date (as in the case of the current day, since Amazon makes this data available only for previous days), it will display 0.00%. It is important to note that you must download ALL Unit Session Percentage data into HelloProfit for any date range query you make in HP. For example, if you want to see the Unit Session Percentage for the past 30 days on your Product Dashboard, be certain you've downloaded ALL those days Unit Session Percentage data first from Seller Central. Otherwise, your resulting averages will be skewed.

  2. You are trying to view Unit Session for today. Amazon makes today's Unit Session Percentage data available TOMORROW, so your Unit Session Percentage statistics in HelloProfit (or on Seller Central for that matter) are only available for yesterday and earlier. You will never be able to view today's Unit Session information, as Amazon does not make the current Unit Session data available until the next day.

  3. In the event that the extension has processed a given date, but you are not seeing any session data, you can navigate to the "Unit Session Reports List" (Main Menu > Reports > Unit Session Reports List) page to select specific dates to be reprocessed using the bulk actions dropdown. 

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