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Obtaining Settlement Report Data from Amazon
Obtaining Settlement Report Data from Amazon
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HelloProfit's Payout Reports neatly categorizes all your Seller Central account's payment information for all your Amazon products, like:

  • Account summary that includes beginning balance;

  • next scheduled date for transfer of funds;

  • Order and refund totals;

  • Credits, fees, and adjustments

However, if your Amazon Seller Central account is not set to automatically generate these reports, there will be no data for HelloProfit to retrieve & display for you.

To have the reports scheduled, open a ticket with Seller Support and ask Amazon to automatically run the reports. Doing this will cause the report to automatically generate each time they close a settlement and send you payment. The only drawback to this is that this will only generate reports moving forward. No prior reports will be generated.

To Schedule Reports:

  1. Open a ticket here (login required), then click Selling on Amazon;

  2. Click Your Account, then Make changes to your account;

  3. Click the Email tab, then enter the following:

  4. Contact Reason: Please turn on automatic settlement report for my account.

  5. Changes: I would like to request that this settlement report be automatically scheduled for my account: Flat File Settlement Report: GET_V2_SETTLEMENT_REPORT_DATA_FLAT_FILE_V2

Once this is all completed please alert our Support Team at so we can verify your Reports are populating properly in queue.

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