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How to Enter Additional Expenses on a Per-Payout Basis Only
How to Enter Additional Expenses on a Per-Payout Basis Only
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At this time HelloProfit does not support adding recurring transactions to the bi-weekly Payout Reports.

However, individual expenses may be added to specific Payout Reports, and can be applied to your Account overall, or to any specific ASIN you wish. (Note: we do not recommend using this functionality to compensate for variable landed costs, since these Additional Expenses are attributed only against one particular Payout Report).

To enter an Additional Expense on a Per-Payout Basis only:

Go Main Menu > Reports > Payout Reports click on the Actions Gear and then View Report.

Once the Payout Report is loaded, in the top right hand corner click on Payout Report Options then click Manage Expenses.

Then use the green Add Expenses/Costs button to add a new Expense line. When finished configuring the Expense, click Save and this new Expense will now show on your Payout Report under Other Expenses.

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