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How To Use Smart Search & Save Smart Searches
How To Use Smart Search & Save Smart Searches
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This handy button on many pages throughout the HelloProfit website is a fantastic aid to brining you the targeted data you're looking for.

Use Smart Search to tightly filter the results from various HelloProfit lists views, like (but not limited to):

  • Order List

  • Customer List

  • Product List

  • Product Stats

  • Keyword List

When you start using Smart Search, you'll likely find that you're returning again and again to perform the same or similar searches. Save time by saving your Smart Search to recycle for future re-use. Just a few examples would be:

  • Save List of Products from 1 Merchant Account or 1 line/family of Products to report Stats just on those.

  • Save parameters to hone your updated Repeat Customers (VIP) list.

  • Save a Search for any Products that don't have Costs or Keywords saved yet (helpful if you're always launching products).

To save Smart Searches, simply input a Name for the search before clicking the green Filter or Search button:

This will trigger HelloProfit to remember that combination of custom filters in the future.

Then, when you're ready to call up that Smart Search again in the future, just click the round button at the top right corner of any HelloProfit page to open your nested view of previously saved Smart Searches, to auto-load that saved Smart Search with all the freshest data.

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