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Why does my promotional data seem incorrect/delayed?
Why does my promotional data seem incorrect/delayed?
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HelloProfit learns, calculates, and evaluates your promotional data using multiple reports from Amazon.

If your Amazon Promotion is brand new, Amazon only discloses the value of the promo after the first order using that promotion ships. However, the Tracking ID you designated when making your Promo on Seller Central here:

is provided right away by Amazon, so HelloProfit is able in near-real time to:

  1. report the sale as a promo, and

  2. report its Tracking ID (on the bottom of your product Dashboard & in your Order List for example).

(Please see this video on how to properly set up your promotions on Amazon for best integration and tracking on HelloProfit.)

Again, as soon as Amazon ships the first order that used a new promo, Amazon will disclose the value of the promo & at this point all future orders (not previous) that have that promo associated with them will deduct the promo value accordingly. Previous orders placed before this point with the same promo code will be updated to reflect that value only when they ship as well.

Upshot #1: everything will self-resolve within a few days if you are using promotions that are new to the HP system.

If your Amazon Promotion is NOT new & you have shipped orders with that exact Promotion after you started using HelloProfit, then HelloProfit has previously stored the value of this promo and applies that value immediately when it reports the promo sale. However, if for example it was a 30% Off Promo and you have changed your Amazon Price since your last promo sale, the old stored 30% value will be deducted from the new sale on HelloProfit until it ships, whereupon Amazon tells HelloProfit the new promo value, which HelloProfit re-learns, stores & updates for that order and others going forward.

Upshot #2: using promos that are already know to the HP system, and whose value has not changed since last used, will give accurate, near-immediate reporting.

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