HelloProfit reports all promos on your orders - even ones that you did not initiate, like the Global Shipping Promos. Any of them may appear on your Order or Product Dashboard like this:


Core Free Shipping

Amazon Core Free Shipping

B2B Free Shipping

Amazon PLCC Free-Financing Universal Merchant - 6 mo, ATF free, min pay/purchase

Amazon PLCC Free-Financing Universal Merchant $149 full catalog

Note: these promos are reimbursed to you by Amazon within the same payout period, and so are not counted against your profitability on the dashboards.

External Benefit promos are marked as global as well, as long as the promo name includes the exact words:
External Benefits

Amazon charges shipping on every order, whether or not the customer is a Prime member or otherwise qualifies for free shipping. When the customer does so qualify, Amazon charges shipping to the merchant, and then reimburses those charges, as shown on the HelloProfit Payout Reports > Other Income > Shipping.

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