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How To: Track Promotions
How To: Track Promotions
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HelloProfit allows you to track your promotional products/ give aways. Do this by navigating to your Orders List (Main Menu > Orders > Order List) use the Smart Search feature to first select Product , then secondly the Promotion, and thirdly the date range. 

You also have the ability to dig into this data by exporting your promotions. Once you have the resulting data from the search above, export that data to an excel file by clicking Action > Export These Orders.

To retrieve the export, return to: Main Menu> Reports > Download Exports. There, click the green Download button adjacent to your newly processed report, and it will download to an excel file. Once your file is exported to an excel file you can then apply your filters to further refine/search for given promotions.

PLEASE NOTE: External benefits, lighting and prime deals will not show up in HelloProfit until it's considered shipped because they are not considered a promo since they do not have a promo codes associated with it. If you find a specific order that was shipped but does not reflect the discounted price please forward that order number to us to investigate.

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