Question: What are chargebacks?

Answer: A chargeback occurs when a cardholder contacts their bank to dispute the charge for an order placed on Chargebacks are also known as "charge disputes" and they can be filed for a variety of reasons, ranging from non-receipt of the item ordered to unauthorized use of the credit card.

HelloProfit treat charge backs like refunds. The data you see on your payout report comes directly from Seller Central through Amazon's API. You can see your chargebacks by logging into Seller Central. Go to Performance > Charge Back Claims.

Click here to see your chargebacks in your Seller Central account.

Make sure to click the dropdown right next to the Status button.

After clicking the dropdown you will see a list of Status: Resolved, Pending, Action Required and All. Please make sure to check all these areas.

Once you have checked all of these areas in Seller Central and you don't see the chargebacks, let us know.

We will need the payout reports numbers that are showing chargebacks that aren't listed in your Seller Central account, and permission for Merchant Support to access to your account to investigate.

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