How To Cancel Your Subscription
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โ€‹Terms Of Service

Your satisfaction with the HelloProfit Toolset is our top priority. If for any reason you're not satisfied with HelloProfit, we want to know and sincerely hope to resolve whatever issue is causing your dissatisfaction. We understand that if you are having an issue with HelloProfit, most likely others are experiencing the same. User feedback has been critical for HelloProfit to become the leading software of its kind for Amazon Sellers, and your input is just as valuable to us.

For any issues & concerns, please contact our dedicated Support Team at and we'll be more than happy to address your needs.

For cancellations:

  1. Click on your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen and a dropdown will open up and select My Subscription.

  2. Click on "Cancel Subscription".

  3. At the bottom part, click on "Cancel My Account". A prompt message will appear, and we highly appreciate your providing a reason for cancellation.

Please bear in mind the following from HelloProfit's Terms of Service if requesting cancellation:

If you DO NOT wish to continue your Subscription beyond the Trial Period, you may cancel your Subscription at any time within the Trial Period without further charge. If you decide not to cancel, your Subscription will continue after the Trial Period and you will be billed for the non-refundable monthly payment. You can cancel your Subscription at any time, with no hassle by emailing us at the Contact link on our homepage, and we'll immediately stop any future payments. If you cancel any time after your Trial Period or after the start of any new Billing Period, you will not be eligible for a pro-rated refund of your current month's paid Subscription fee. Your Subscription will remain active until 30 days after your last payment.

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