How To: See the Parent ASIN Stats
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Within HelloProfit you have the option to view all of your parent ASIN stats at the same time by using the Smart Search feature on the Product Stats page.

Go to the Main Main Menu > Product > Product Stats use the Smart Search filter feature and enter the parent ASIN into the Search By Parent field highlighted in red:

Please Note: You have several options to choose from on the Smart Search filter so find the best search options that fit the type of report you want to generate.

Once you have the parent ASIN selected export the data to an excel file by clicking Action > Export These Products. Go back to the Main Menu and click on Reports > Download Exports, and click the green Download button adjacent to your report, and the report will download to an excel file.

Please Note: The data will not be a combined total. The parent ASIN data will be individual ASIN stats only unless you export the information to an excel spreadsheet.

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