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Can I Change the Cost of Goods? (COGS)

Now you can now manually update your products' HISTORICAL (ie: past) Unit Costs & Inbound Shipping Costs. 

You can do this from both the Product List or the Product Edit form via your Product Dashboard.


If you check the box designating Update ALL Orders when you update your Unit Costs & Inbound Shipping Costs, the new values you are entering will permanently WRITE OVER ALL your previous Unit Costs/Inbound Shipping Costs.

THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE, so make sure this is your intention before you check that magic box telling the system to do so!

When is it APPROPRIATE to use this powerful historical update feature? Example: you forgot to input your unit costs or inbound shipping costs on some ASINs. So your historical HP reporting is now inaccurate because lots of sales came through the HP system with zero associated costs. This Historical Edit feature will be your friend, as it will replace all those historical zeros with the proper costs you enter today.

When is it NOT appropriate to use this? Most other times. If you had previously entered your historical costs correctly, and now you just got a volume discount on unit cost or shipping for example, you should update your costs WITHOUT CHECKING THIS BOX & your update will only affect your future sales from this point forward. BUT if you check the box, you write over all the historical values, never to be recovered. 

You can also update your own FBA Fees, Weight Based Fees, & Referral Fees following the same instructions above, but these edits you make only affect sales going forward, NOT historical. If you need these types of items retroactively applied, or have any questions about these processes, don't hesitate to reach out for more help at:

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