For all new HelloProfit Accounts created after 2/29/16 HelloProfit will import the following data:

  • At least 3 months of order data
  • Sponsored Ad costs as far back as Amazon will allow
  • At least 3 months of removal order data as far back as Amazon will allow
  • At least 3 months of settlement reports

If you signed up prior to 2/29/16 and are still in your trial period, you will get a notification on your Merchant Dashboard indicating you can import Historical data starting at least 3 months prior to the date you signed up.

After your trial period has ended, at least 2 years of Historical Data will be made available to you. To pull this historical data, simply log into your account and use the "Import Data" link found under your "Merchant Options" drop down list. You should also receive an alert on your Merchant Dashboard indicating Historical Data is available.


Still in Trial but need more Data? No worries. You can very quickly access your Historical Data as far back as 2014 by ending your Trial period now & initiating your first billing cycle. Once converted to a paid account, the "Import Data" link will appear in your "Merchant Options" as described above. To initiate this process, generate a ticket by emailing, formatting the email this way:

from: your HelloProfit Login email


subject: Express Data Service

body: Hello, I am requesting Express Data Service to retrieve all available historical data in my HelloProfit account. Please convert my HelloProfit account to a paid account, first billing cycle beginning today. I understand this will terminate my Trial period, and that my credit card provided upon Trial signup will be charged the monthly rate agreed to at the time of Trial signup. Thank You HP!

HelloProfit will process your request same day & let you know when the magic "Import Data" link is made available in your "Merchant Options".

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