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How to Bulk Import FBM Shipping Costs
How to Bulk Import FBM Shipping Costs

If you pay for your postage on Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) orders, you can now enter those costs directly into HelloProfit.

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HelloProfit will take your FBM shipping costs into account when calculating your bottom line profit. You can upload these costs in just a few easy steps:

(1) Visit the Menu > Upload Reports > Import Templates.

(2) Click on the dropdown Actions > Download Order Postage Template

(3) Open the downloaded file, then copy and paste the amazon order id and the postage amount into the appropriately labeled columns. Then save the file.

(4) Click on the dropdown Actions > Upload Template

(5) Choose the correct merchant account > Choose File > Upload

After this has been uploaded it will be queued, and scheduled for processing.  Once it has been processed, these values will show up under the "Postage" section of the net profit breakdown.

What's the Difference Between FBM Ship Cost vs. Inbound Ship Cost?

FBM Ship Cost: This is your postage paid when shipping your product to a customer, for example, what you pay through ShippingEasy or USPS if you buy your postage online.

Inbound Ship Cost is the postage paid for shipping your goods into FBA warehouses. If you've paid this yourself, you can simply calculate this amount on a per-unit level and enter that into the Product Fees List. (See resource below.) 

Or, if Amazon debits this shipping amount from your Seller Central account (i.e. they pay the courier when your products are delivered to the FBA warehouse, then they turn around and deduct that amount from your account), this cost is reflected in HelloProfit, too -- it's the "Inbound Fee" aggregated with other miscellaneous fees in "Other Transactions" on your Product Dashboard.

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