HelloProfit Does Account for Coupon Costs

Every time one buyer redeems one coupon on Amazon, it costs you $0.60 (or €0.50 if you're selling in European marketplaces).

This can easily accumlate to take a noticeable bite out of your profits.

Where Can I See the Cost of Amazon Coupons Redeemed?

Coupon costs can be found under Other Transactions along with other miscellaneous fees and costs.

Due to the way Amazon sends us this information via their API, it's not possible to determine the SKU the coupon cost is associated with. For this reason, the cost is included in Other Transactions in HelloProfit. 

Note: Amazon only makes this fee available via the Settlement (Payout) Report. For this reason you won't see this fee in real time, but will see it as soon as we receive your Settlement Reports.

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