To change the Currency in your HelloProfit Merchant Account(s):

  • If you have more than one seller central account associated with your HelloProfit account, select the account you wish to update currency for from the merchant drop down selector on your main Merchant Dashboard. Then click the green Filter button to populate the page for this desired merchant account.

  • Click on the navy blue Merchant Options dropdown at the top right of the page then select Settings:

  • Near the top right of this Merchant Settings page, select desired currency from the Default Currency dropdown:

  • Click the orange Save button to save your new currency setting.

NOTE: This setting drives the currency displayed for this Merchant Account only around the website:


  • Product List inbound shipping & unit costs for products belonging to this Merchant Account

NOTE: Changing default currency for your HelloProfit Merchant Accounts(s) also drives the currency of your landed costs (inbound shipping & unit costs) on your Product List. If you change your default currency, HelloProfit will NOT convert your landed costs, as conversion rates shift frequently. Example: if your product's unit cost was 1 USD, but you then change your default currency to Euro, your product unit cost will read as 1 EURO. In this case, be sure to edit your product costs accordingly.

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