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How to calculate your per-unit shipping cost in two different ways:

Scenario 1:

 Divided the number of units by the cost of the shipping and use that figure for HelloProfit if you have your product shipped directly from the supplier to Amazon.

Example: You pay $10/kg for shipping from your Chinese supplier to Amazon's FBA warehouses. You have shipped 1000 units, weighing 1kg each. So, your per-unit inbound shipping cost is $10. 

Scenario 2: 

Add up all the cost of shipping If you had the product shipped from the supplier to yourself and then you ship the product to Amazon. Divided that number of units, by the cost of the shipping and use that figure for HelloProfit.

Remember: HelloProfit is flexible enough to let you enter different shipping costs for different marketplaces! Simply use either method above to calculate your per-unit inbound shipping cost, and enter it into the appropriate marketplace in the Product List, as shown in the screenshot below.

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