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How To: Group Products [with VIDEO]
How To: Group Products [with VIDEO]

Grouping or "tagging" products lets you filter for them in your Product Dashboard and view data (profits, returns etc.) for only that group.

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The products you sell on Amazon can be added to customized, arbitrary groups in HelloProfit. This allows you to easily filter for them in the Product Dashboard, so you can see revenue, profit, refunds and other dashboard statistics for any group you wish to create.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like to filter the Product Dashboard for a custom group of products:

Note: In the screenshot above, notice that filtering for one or more products automatically removes your option of selecting a parent or child ASIN, which can both be seen in the screenshot below.

Note: In only the Product Dashboard view, inactive parent ASINs have been excluded. This means that only active products are shown in the dropdown list on the Product Dashboard.

How to Create Product Groups

There are two convenient ways to create custom product groups.

1. From the Main Menu, go to Products > Product List.

You'll see a dedicated column for Group Names, as circled in the screenshot below. Simply click on the little orange "edit" icon to create a new "group" or "tag" for that product.

You can also click on the "product settings" icon (that looks like a little gear wheel) to the far right of the product to add a product to a group, edit its name, and more.

2. From the Main Menu, go to Products > Product Dashboard.

Select a product from the dropdown product menu (circled in red below),

Then, click on "Product Options" and "Edit Product".

Next, in the screen overlay that pops up, enter Group Name or Tag in the field, and click "Save".

Tip: You can also edit the name of a parent ASIN this way.

How to Create Groups of Child ASINs

Good news - you don't have to.
HelloProfit does this automatically for you. 

Simply view the Product Dashboard and you'll see parent ASINs in a dropdown menu (see screenshot below).

Child ASINs are automatically grouped underneath parent ASINs, and can be selected individually from the Dropdown Product List to the right of the Dropdown Parent List (circled in red in the screenshot  above).

How to Rename Parent ASINs

To rename your parent ASIN to something easier to remember in the Dropdown Parent ASIN Menu in the Product Dashboard, go to the Main Menu and click on "Settings".

There, under "Product Settings" you'll click on "Parents".

If the Short Name says "Empty", simply click on that word to give it any name you'd like.

Tip: If you see words printed in orange and underlined anywhere in HelloProfit, that means you can edit them (such as product names, costs, Amazon referral fees, etc.).


How to Customize the Color of Your Product Groups

From the Main Menu, click on "Settings". Under the subtitle "Product Settings" in that section, click on "Groups".

You'll see each of your groups listed; On the far right-hand side there's a little gear symbol. Click this to edit the group tag color. An overlay appears which allows you to edit the name and color. Clicking on the little color swatch itself will drop down a color selection.

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